Who we are

We are a dynamic and connected group of therapists who value authenticity, collaboration, social justice, and relationships.

At Down to Earth Therapy we are committed to not only listening, but to actively partnering with you and helping you make the changes you, your partnership, or your family desire. We hold space for people who want to heal, relationships that need to grow, and we genuinely believe in each person’s ability to change.

We want our clients to feel
safe and comfortable in our space.

From our welcoming and relaxed environment,  to our clinicians’ varied experiences and wisdom, to our value of all ethnicities, identities, beliefs, and experiences, we approach people with warmth and curiosity, viewing you as the expert on your story. 

We value you by honoring your story

We are systemic in our work and value understanding a person, relationship, situation with a holistic lens. We believe in “showing up” for each client, each session. Being a therapist is a true honor and we are thankful for the opportunity to connect with you.

We're here to work with you

Our therapists specialize in working with children, adolescents, adults, couples and families. We have many different specialties. Please visit “what we do” to read more about these. Please feel free to read through our bios for more specific information and contact us with any questions.






We offer a wide range of services.