Eleanor Miller Therapist

Eleanor Miller

MS, LMFT, & MN Board Approved Supervisor


Selby Ave Location

Shifting and growth is scary. Yet our world, our relationships, ourselves are ever changing. I love working with people to help them navigate life transitions, community, and relationships, as well as identity. I love witnessing growth and growing myself alongside clients in the process.

I am passionate about working with kids and teens ages 8+, young adults, couples, and families. I especially love helping kids and teens build better and more supportive relationships with their families, friends, and communities, as well as helping all of us build more supportive relationships with Ourselves. I enjoy exploring identity and community, especially related to relationships, gender and sexuality.

The bulk of my work is exploring relationships and moving towards greater understanding and empathy of Self and Others. I want our therapy relationship to be generative and growthful. I also aim to support people with growing supportive relationships elsewhere too.

I value and am very much up for exploring identity and systems of oppression and privilege, including identity and systems related to gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, culture, family, ability, and body. I believe we are all caught up in patriarchal, White Supremacist, Ableist systems. I am open to exploring these together. As a White cisgender straight woman, I have a lot of learning to do myself. I am LGBTQ affirming and supporting.

Creativity. Love. Play. Rest. Connection. Meaning. Inspiration. Imagination. Purpose. Community. Equity. Justice. I love exploring all these themes and more.

I am a laid back, go with the flow type of therapist. I operate more from intuition and art than from science. I do geek out on Systemic family therapy, mindfulness, DBT skills, Internal Family Systems/parts work. I believe that therapy should fit what you need, and I support helping you advocate for that, whether it is with me or someone else. Please reach out for a free phone consult, including if you have questions about how therapy works.

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