Corinne Sundell Therapist

Corinne Sundell



Grand Ave Location

Corinne holds a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy, allowing her to work systemically through issues brought into the therapy office.  She works with all ages, children, teens, families and couples, with a focus on children and families. For everyone who sees her, Corinne brings a passion for utilizing play, coupled with a Narrative Therapy-style which helps create structure and over time establish meaning in the stories we live each day.

Corinne began her career within the Montessori educational system, where she worked for more than 8 years.  During this time, she developed a deep love and respect for children and the world in which they live. Alongside raising her own children, she came to even greater appreciation and a more complete picture of what it is to love and raise a child, especially when ideals and wishes become the “rubber on the road.”  Supported by her husband, she has also expanded awareness of what it takes to sustain intimate relationships over time.

Taking these experiences with her, she enters therapy with a profound acceptance for the variety and breadth of life and choices we have each made.  It is her goal to support clients in becoming the person they most want to be, to help keep you in your own integrity and simply to hold space for the process through which you are moving.  When she is not working, Corinne is an avid knitter, enjoys a good sci-fi book and loves spending time with her family on long walks.

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