Abby Myhra

Masters Level Intern


Grand Ave Location

Hello! I am Abby, a master’s level intern studying marriage and family therapy at the University of St. Thomas. I am convinced that our mental health and our relationships are two of the most important aspects of our often-complicated lives that allow us to thrive. This belief has led to my passion for walking with individuals, couples, and families through life’s challenges, successes, and continual healing and growth. I am particularly drawn to work with couples and families due to my systems approach and perhaps more so, because I believe our relationships are a main pillar of our lives, and the stronger our relationships are, the greater our well-being can be.

I am interested in working with couples and families going through major life transitions, experiencing grief and loss, and simply desiring deeper connection and greater intimacy. I also aspire to work with couples preparing for marriage and individuals in their college years which I realize can often be a very new, overwhelming period of life.

My therapeutic approach is primarily person-centered, and strengths based, while operating from a systems approach and integrating other styles such as solution-focused particularly with family therapy. My religious tradition causes me to be highly interested in bringing spirituality into the therapy space as well. I believe in fostering a safe and empathetic space, where individuals and families can collaboratively explore their strengths and solutions. I strive to bring those I work with a sense of peace and support as well as feeling understood and listened to, while sharing a few laughs along the way.

With several years of experience working directly with children with autism spectrum disorder and their families, I’ve gained a profound understanding of the unique dynamics and needs within family systems. Through this work and past opportunities that I have been blessed with, my eyes have been opened to the beauty of our diverse, yet small, world as I have spent time with people from all walks of life. I am eager to continue to learn and to advocate for those I work with.

During my free time I enjoy spending quality time with my husband often playing pickleball or a game of cards, I also love to try out new restaurants, and go for runs outside.

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