Sandra Struthers

Masters Level Intern - Marriage & Family Therapy

She/Her They/Them

A master’s level intern in Marriage and Family Therapy, Sandra aims to support clients in embracing their authentic selves, and living their most-healthy lives. She believes clients heal and grow when they feel safe, seen, and respected, and she will collaborate with you to identify your needs and goals, and discover your own path to better health. Sandra works with individuals, couples, families, and youth.

Clients will find Sandra incorporates warmth and humor in sessions, and feels comfortable with the full range of her clients’ emotional expressions. She is smart, intuitive, and a sharp listener, and seeks to balance accepting clients, and meeting you where you are, while inviting you to grow in ways that better your life/lives. Clients may find her affirming and supportive, but also direct.

Client populations of particular interest in her work include: women, LGBTQ+ folks, creatives, highly-sensitive people, premarital couples, and nerds. Sandra has years of experience working with youth, particularly high school and college-age students. She also has a passion for supporting people seeking psychedelic integration.

Sandra works through a systemic and relational lens, and advocates for social justice for people from all backgrounds. She often incorporates mindfulness and somatic awareness in her work. Additionally she draws on Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) and Internal Family Systems (IFS) modalities.

In a parallel career, Sandra works as an actor, director, musician and writer. Her free time is spent traveling the world and hanging out with her excellent grey stripey cat.

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